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Enfour offers PCR test kits for sale in Japan June 1st 2021

Korean keyboard for English speakers (iOS) November 11th 2020

Korean handwriting recogintion keyboard (iOS) November 11th 2020

Oxford Dictionary Apps dicontinuation notice August 1st 2013

Questions about LDOCE+ or LEJ+ apps? February 15th 2013

Kenkyusha ´┐ŻLuminious´┐Ż EJ/JE Dictionary March 29th 2012

Emoji Mailer launched on iPhone August 7th 2009

Collins Gem English <=> Malay Dictionary launched on iPhone June 29th 2009

Spell Checker launched on iPhone June 17th 2009

Companion Synonyms launched on iPhone June 3rd 2009

LDOCE 5 launched on iPhone May 25th 2009

Find!Tokyo launched on iPhone April 20th 2009

Oxford Deluxe -ODE & OTE launched on iPhone March 24th 2009

Collins Gem English Dictionary & Thesaurus March 24th 2009

American Heritage® Deluxe launched on iPhone February 24th 2009

Australian Oxford Dictionary released December 3rd 2008

Longman English Japanese Dictionary released September 19th 2008

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt iPhone/iPod applications August 25th 2008

Enfour announces iPhone strategy August 1st 2008

Multilinugal translation on SoftBank's Yahoo!Keitai August 1st 2008

Multilinugal translation launched DoCoMo's i-mode April 21st 2008

"CyberDict" Thai electronic dictionary released Sept 1st 2007

"UniDict for S60 S3" imbedded version released July 1st 2007

Enfour launches four content titles on Telstra's i-mode May 2005
Oxford Dictionary
Multilingual Translator

Dictionary service now on NTT DoCoMo i-mode March 2004

GlobalNavi” service on Vodafone Japan November 2003

American Heritage® mobile dictionary service October 2003

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the PDA August 2003

TangoTown” on all three Japanese carriers May 8th 2003

UniFEP TC for netBook” Chinese solution May 7th 2003

Nokia release “UniFEP for Communicator” April 25th 2003

Official content for KDDI’s AU EZweb April 23th 2003

i-JADE Basic” i-appli tool released April 17th 2003

Co-marketing with Zentek April 17th 2003

CJK solution for Psion Teklogix netPad November 25th 2002

Chinese UniFEP for PocketPC released November 12th 2002

Chinese Web Browser for EPOC released October 22th 2002

TangoTown” starts on DoCoMo’s i-mode October 7th 2002

Enfour collaborates with Tao-Group September 20th 2002

Japanese Web Browser for EPOC released October 18th 2002

“UniFEP Light Japanese” (EPOC) released June 25th 2002

Enfour Online Store opens June 25th 2002

“TangoTown” service starts on J-Phone May 17th 2002

Japanese 5mx PRO released December 20th 2001

Strategic Partnership with 2K Development December 13 2001

“UniFEP Light Korean” released November 16th 2001

Windows CE -Japanese software titles begin July 14th 2001

Fancy Galaxy action game released June 13th 2001

“Chinese revo” Psion 618C (with UniFEP) ships June 28th 2001

UniFEP TC (Traditional Chinese) released June 14th 2001

UniFEP V2 (Japanese) update June 11th 2001

EPOC -Japanese software titles sales begin June 5th 2001

Sony chooses Enfour fonts for CLIÉ April 7th 2001

Palm -Japanese software titles sales begin March 25th 2001

UniFEP SDK released February 20th 2001

Enfour Media announces "Keitai-Font" February 20th 2001

Enfour Group adds Hong Kong company November 30th 2000

Enfour Group headquarters established November 1st 2000

UniFEP V2 ships in Japan August 29th 2000

Honda PDA "navi" project July 14th 2000

UniFEP for EPOC announced April 28th 1999

Enfour the new face for Psion in Japan. March 22nd 1999

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Enfour Hong Kong click here.

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Enfour's font activities in Japan click here.



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