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Enfour releases details of Honda PDA navigation joint project.

Enfour Group head office, Tokyo. 14th July 2000

Today Enfour KK. announced details of its collaboration with Honda Motor Co.,Ltd. of Japan to enable Honda's car navigation portal to support most PDAs and desktop platforms.

The new service acts as an extension to Honda's member-based car navigation portal, "Internavi". The Internavi service, estabished in May, puts together travel information for drivers, including a guide to restaurants and events, the nearest hospitals and repair shops. The site offers 150,000 entries about entertainment, food, shopping and travel plus weather and traffic reports. It allows users to search for locations by address or phone number and browse through online reviews of points of interest. The data from these can be loaded individually or as drive courses into Honda GPS car navigation devices.

Through collaboration with Enfour, Internavi now offers a conversion application, Hypex -Spot Convertor, to make Honda's "Hyper-Icon" spot data compatible with most PDAs, handheld and desktop computers. The downloadable application (MacOS and Windows) converts location data and photographs to vCards for importing into PIM databases or to HTML for browsing with standard browsers. A CGI back-end adds zoomable map display.

*At this time, the Internavi service is available in Japan only.

Supported devices/platforms are:

Direct import:
Microsoft Outlook98
Psion (Symbian Plaform EPOC)
Epson Locatio (GEOS)
Nokia NM501 (i-Mode)

Sharp Zaurus
Citizen DataSlim

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