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iPhone/iPod Touch products

iPhone/ iPod Touch page

support page

Mobile phone products

Japanese language and lifestyle "official content" service for non-native speakers

Japanese language sites

i-Jade an emulator for the Java environment of DoCoMo handsets on the desktop. Mac & Win

Keitai-Font a font and proxy server to enable i-Mode content on the desktop

Symbian Platform (EPOC) products

Japanese solution for the Nokia 9210i Communicator

Japanese 5mx PRO

Original software titles

Chinese language solutions

Korean language solutions

Japanese language solutions

Psion products and EPOC software in Japan

Free software and utilities

Mac Products

"PocketMac J" Under Development!

"UniDict" The ultimate MacOS Japanese<>English dictionary

PowerMail J the Mac eMailer to end all eMailers

Resorcerer J the Swiss Army Knife of MacOS resource editing

PowerGlot J the perfect tool for Mac & PalmOS localization

Enfour Media for Asian fonts, font tools and printer utilities

On-line services

TangoTown with on all three Japanese networks

UniFEP.com Under Development!

GlobalNavi Under Development!

Transcoding Proxy Server: GlobalVu


Japanese page (games & utilties)

Language solutions Coming soon!

Windows CE

Chinese input for WindowsCE and PocketPC

Japanese page (games & utilties)

Multi-Platform solutions

UniFEP the history of the first Unicode input method

Enfour Media imaging solutions for Imbedded systems: mulilingual input, fonts, tools, conversion solutions

Newton products

-now only available in Japan


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