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"Keitai-Font" Japanese font & proxy service for i-Mode characters

Enfour Group Headquarters, Sendagaya, Tokyo. February 2001 Japanese version

Enfour Media Laboratory announces a new Japanese TrueType font with character set extensions specifically compatible with NTT DoCoMo's extremely successful i-Mode service. Accompanying this, a free proxy server service has been made available to enable display of non-standard characters in all major desktop browsers for the first time. This makes for a unique combination destined to change your outlook on mobile content.

Called "Keitai-Font", above the standard ShiftJIS 6879 character set, the font includes 206 gaiji (non-standard symbols and ideograph glyphs) and emoji (pictographs) included in Japanese mobile phones. A boon for cHTML (Compact HTML) content developers as well as casual "surfers", "Keitai-Font" allows the viewing of i-Mode compatible content on Windows and MacOS desktops without the problem of missing character and garbage content. "Keitai-Font" fills the need made by the explosion in popularity of email and Wireless Web content targeted to i-Mode users.

"Handsets using the i-Mode character set are used by 18 million people and growing daily"

how an i-Mode phone looks
an emoji sample
browsing with Keitai-Font

Apart from the extended character set, "Keitai-Font" is unique in being a TrueType outline font based on 12x12 bitmap designs coming from the renowned digital design house TypeBank. Making it useful even for just that different 'bitmap look' in general DTP yet can be displayed and printed at any size. This makes it ideal for small screen banner-ad creation, printed manuals, screen mock-ups, handset prototyping and other specialist imaging requirements. "Keitai-Font" supports outline creation and PDF embedding.

"Keitai-Font" is available on a hybrid CD costing 7800 Yen in Japan and $99 (USD) elsewhere including postage, handling and insurance.

For further information and/or ordering information in English or Japanese -
[email protected]

Enfour Media and TypeBank are known for the highest quality Japanese, Chinese and Korean font solutions on the market. They have worked together to supply embedded devices, PDA and mobile phone handset manufacturers, so the design emulates actual screen fonts used in Japan.

Enfour Media has been providing Japanese fonts, gaiji solutions and font tools since 1992. Together with Sony Inc, they developed the Japan Record Association's "Music Gaiji" standard used in CD-Text and MiniDisc. They also offer OEM solutions for DVD, Digital Television and Movie subtitles, as well as development tools and services for Operating System venders and font houses.

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