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Enfour creates suite of iPhone/iPod touch applications for distribution on iTunes App Store

Tokyo August 1, 2008

Today Enfour, Inc. announced plans to ship an extensive and on-going suite of applications for use on iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

This is a major strategical addition to the operations of Enfour which has concentrated its development efforts on mobile content since 2001.

However, Enfour is no stranger to creating mobile applications as back in August 1993 they were the first company to create third-party software for the Apple Newton —the first PDA— almost fifteen years ago.

Since then, Enfour has created applications on every mobile platform including Palm, Windows Mobile, Psion and Symbian.

Enfour will partner with a variety of global leaders in publishing to create innovative and comprehensive applications in all areas of global language, Enfour's proven speciality, and utility software.

Richard Northcott, president and CEO of Enfour stated,
"We are thrilled to be returning to our roots, as it were, in ramping up our iPhone development team. Working with the big names of reference material over the past few years has proven the real value of 'deep' content in a pocketable form. Having all the best software in the world is useless if you it don't have it when you need it. The iPhone allows us to provide truely complete solutions of even hundreds of megabytes, entirely on the device! Mobile computing hasn't been this exciting for years."

Enfour created applications will begin appearing shortly on Apple iTunes App Store

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About Enfour Inc.
Enfour, Inc. is a Tokyo-based specialist in multilingual text handling, communications software and imaging for mobile systems. Enfour has been creating Asian language solutions, development tools and packaged software for nearly every handheld computer platform since 1994. Focusing on mobile phone development and online content, Enfour is working with smart-phone manufacturers and mobile carriers to create integrated solutions for consumers in emerging markets.

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