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Enfour announces UniFEP -multilingual solution for Epoc

April 28th, 1999 - Enfour, Inc. Tokyo Japan

Enfour, Inc
. announces the imminent release of "UniFEP for EPOC", an input and display system for Unicode characters on the Psion Series 5 and other EPOC devices.

UniFEP (Unicode Front End Processor) is a floating-palette based, input method that supports multiple Asian and European scripts. It supports plug-in encodings, dictionary and code-based scripts, and font modules, making it the most flexible and expandable language solution available on any handheld platform. By supporting Unicode via the 8 bit encoding system "UTF8", UniFEP enables the display of non-ASCII characters while retaining full Epoc32 character set display and maintaining compatibility in existing Epoc applications.
(Note: UniFEP does not automatically localize applications and is not a replacement for a 16 bit Unicode Epoc OS.)

Presently on display as a hands-on demo at Japanese Psion reseller locations, within a month Enfour plans to offer UniFEP in three main configurations: a phonetic input enhancement for European scripts enabling the Euro character, extended math symbols and Eastern European alphabets; a specialized version for the Japanese market; and complete version with full CJK (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) support.

Enfour plans to open up the API to third parties to enable support of Unicode characters as well as follow up with products such as phrase books, language dictionaries, and 'kanji' handwriting recognition.

Chinese input

Korean input

Japanese input






About Enfour, Inc.
Enfour is a Tokyo-based company specialising in Unicode text handling, communications software and accessories for mobile systems. Enfour has been creating Japanese and Asian language solutions, and original aftermarket software for handheld computer platforms since 1994. Enfour is the Japanese distributor for Psion Computers.

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