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UniFEP Light Japanese (EPOC) released June 25th 2002

Japanese 5mx PRO released December 20th 2001

UniFEP Light Korean released November 16th 2001

"Chinese revo" Psion 618C (with UniFEP) ships June 28th 2001

Fancy Galaxy action game released June 13th 2001

UniFEP TC (Traditional Chinese) released June 12th 2001

UniFEP V2 (Japanese) update June 11th 2001

EPOC after-market software sales begin June 5th 2001

Ebook released Palm DOC reader for EPOC with Unicode support

UniFEP SDK released February 20th 2001

This Year's Christmas Card December 21st 2000

Free Web proxy service commenced December 1st 2000

UniFEP V2 ships in Japan August 29th 2000

EPOC to Mac conversion utility October 1st 1999

Enfour announces UniFEP April 28th 1999

Enfour the new face for Psion in Japan. March 22nd 1999

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