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Enfour ships "UniFEP V2" Complete Japanese solution for EPOC ER5

August 29th, 2000 - Enfour, Inc. Tokyo Japan

Today, Enfour, Inc. Tokyo Headquarters commenced shipping of "UniFEP V2", a complete Japanese environment for the Symbian Platform (EPOC) ER5 devices. Although including the Japanese version of multilingual front-end processor UniFEP 2.0, "UniFEP V2" goes further by offering a complete Unicode environment that enables Unicode display and localization throughout the OS and all internal and third-party applications automatically.

This "UniFEP V2" release is specifically aimed at the Japanese market and includes complete localization to Japanese of the user environment and internal applications. It also provides Japanese text encodings conversion to enable Email, Faxing, Printing and Contact beaming.

Today's release includes support for Psion Computer's Revo and Series 5mx only, but a release to support all other ER5 devices will follow shortly. Initially, sales will be restricted to the Japanese market. Releases for online sales and other markets plus Chinese and Korean support will be announced in the next few weeks.

For "UniFEP V2" details (in Japanese) see here:

Complete Unicode API details, SDK, sample code and developer support for all Asian Languages and English are available on request: [email protected]

About Enfour, Inc.
Enfour Inc. is a Tokyo-based member of the Enfour Group specialising in multilingual text handling, communications software and accessories for mobile devices. Enfour has been creating Asian language solutions, development tools and packaged software for handheld computer platforms since 1994. Enfour is the Japanese distributor for Psion Computers and publisher of the "UniFEP" series of input software.

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Psion Computers designs, develops and markets palmtop computers for consumer, corporate & professional markets. Ever since the first handheld computer in 1984, Psion has been the acknowledged leader in the design and technology of handheld computing products.

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