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EPOC <> Mac Text Convert 2.0

This is a simple Macintosh drag'n'drop application that pulls the text out of EPOC Word and OPL files. It also converts the carriage return & line-feeds for plain text files going both ways.

If you are a Mac user with a Psion Series 5 or other EPOC32 unit, you know that there is no file conversion available in "MacConnect". Well, this application will not be the answer to your dreams, but at least you can now extract raw text data without having to export your files on the EPOC unit first.

This software also adds support for cleaning up text files exported from FileMaker. For more information about this read here.

This software is an easy to use, drag'n'drop application. It supports only raw text. It does not support EPOC style information or imbedded objects.

For users of the latest versions of MacOS and EPOC we support the Euro symbol. On the Mac this is now located in place of the "currency sign". The Euro Symbol will only show up on EPOC ER5 units like the 5mx.

This software now supports conversion between Mac extended Latin letters (umluts etc.) But the following Mac chars are not supported by EPOC.

These will be converted to their Unicode value like this. "\u25ca"

"EPOC <> Mac Convert" is written with MacPerl. The source is inside, so if you want to improve on it, go ahead. It is unsupported and comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk.

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version 2.0 -1st October, 1999

"EPOC <> Mac Convert" is written by Otfried Cheong & Richard Northcott
"EPOC" belongs to Symbian, Ltd.
"MacConnect" belongs to Psion Computers, PLC. and Atelier
"FileMaker" is own by FileMaker, Inc.

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