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Welcome. Enfour originally released "FM Cleaner" to fix text files exported from "FileMaker" ready for importing into EPOC "Data" databases. It has now been rolled into "EPOC<>Mac Text convert". Read more about it here.

Exporting from FileMaker
As we all know, EPOC uses DOS linebreaks. FileMaker also changes linebreaks in text fields to another character. Enfour's utility fixes boths of these for you.

But, the difficult part part is getting right the export settings in "FileMaker" and the import setting in "Data".

1. In "FileMaker" the Export settings are:
Export all your records as 'Comma Delimited Text'. Make sure you sett formatting to off.

2. Once the text file is exported, just drag it on top of "EPOC<>Mac Text convert". It will ask you to create a file called "XXX.txt" (XXX being the old file name) and then copy your database data to it. Mount your EPOC device disks with "MacConnect" and drag the file over.

3. On the EPOC "Data" side you need to create a new file using the same labels in the order that you exported them from "FileMaker".

4. The Import options are:
Text qualifier = Double quote
Label separator = Comma
Entry separator = End of line

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