Enfour Application FAQ

FAQ Instructions

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1. How can I remove the background image on the index and search screens?

All updated versions of all the Enfour applications have a user setting to turn on/off the background watermark.

Look for the small button on the top right of the About screen on the iPhone/iPod or in the top tool bar of the iPad.

This opens up all of the app settings.

Slide the Background to on/off depending on your personal preference.

This setting will not change until you change it.

2. I find it hard to read small text. How can I make the text larger on the definition page?

On the app settings area there is this button in the tool bar at the top of the page corresponding to the two text sizes included in the application.

Choose the LARGE A to increase the size of the text.

This setting will be remembered the next time you use the appliation.

NOTE: the copyright notices and other peripheral text will stay at the default smaller size.

3. How can I resize illustrations?

Tap on the images to open them in a new page and the to zoom graphics in/out, use the two finger "pinch" to make images zoom in/out.

4. How can I see the meanings of words in definitions. ?

In all versions of Enfour dictionary applications we have included hyperlinking. Just tap on a word to jump to the definition for that word.


Use the Link Menu setting to show a pop-up for each word you highlight that shows navigation options available to you. This is contextually sensitive so that this will show you links to compatible titles on your device. Additional compatible titles are sold separately on the AppStore.

NOTE: For Desk/AHD4 and Rogets users, tapping on the headwords will automatically jump to the corresponding application. To get back, just tap on the headword.
If a word is not in either application, then the search area will open with the word in the search text field.

5. How can I find the front matter/appendices from the original texts?

Where appropriate and available from the publisher, Enfour applications will always include front/middle/back matter and appendices.

To find these just tap on the small button in the tool bar of the iPad or the About page of the iPhone/iPod app.

6. There is an update of my application available on iTunes. Will this cost me extra to download?

All updates to all iOS products will be free.

We apologize that updates require the downloading of the entire program each time.

To save your bookmarks and history, do NOT delete the application and just allow the update to overwrite the old one.

7. I have previously bought the Desk edition, can I get a discount for upgrading to the AHD5?

American HeritageĀ® Fifth Edition is not an upgrade of American HeritageĀ® Desk.

Although we would like to offer discount to people moving from Desk to AHD5, there is no way to do so at the moment with the current distribution model.

8. I have previously bought the American HeritageĀ® Fourth Edition or the AHD4 Deluxe. Can I get the AHD5 for free

If you purchased AHD4 or AH Deluxe in 2012 you will be able to access the new AHD5 for free
However, the previous applications have been discontinued so if you purchased the app prior to this time, then you will need to make a new purchase for AHD5.