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Since establishing the first member of Enfour Group in 1992, we have released many and varied products on to the Japanese and international markets. Products which bring people, and their computers together; products which enhance personal communications; products that break down barriers of language and culture; products that release you from the confines of desktop computing to take with you into the real world.

We believe computers have the capacity to break through cultural barriers; to effect positive changes in global attitudes at an ever increasing rate. In this global computing society we live in, the machines themselves are not of major importance. It is the way in which we, the human inhabitants, interact with, and to each other that is most important, not the machinery itself.

Devices need to be mobile -> pervasive -> wearable -> invisible. They also need to speak your language, but more importantly everybody else's.

Enfour Group is dedicated to the research, experimentation and development necessary to span the gap between man and machine. Our experience in Asian language handling and imaging will bring more enabling technology to a wider audience. We will continue to develop language and educational software, mobile computing solutions, and online contents and play an increasing role in the move toward standardized information. Our ultimate goal is to offer enabling, switched-on lifestyles, and create for our customers a greater sense of achievement and personal fulfillment without the perception of using tools. We will achieve this by incubating venture companies to take advantage of new technologies and become producers for hardware and service providers.

Enfour Group will continue to release products that expand a person's horizons, and raise their expectations for a better future.

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