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Some information about Richard

Born 1966 in Seymour, Australia to a British father and Australian mother, I was interested in just about everything they didn't teach at my Church of England Grammar Schools -which is fortunate as my real interests were more useful to me in the long-term.

After starting out studying Conservation of Cultural Materials, with the aim of working in the field of restoration and conservation of Asian historical art, an adventure tour (Operation Raleigh) to South American got me thinking about where I was going. A deep interest in Japanese history, art, photography, pop music, martial arts and many Japanese friends convinced me there was something over there (Japan) calling me.

After teaching English for a living, and studying at Sophia University, my work in the music industry and media gave me experience in the ins and outs of Japanese business. I gained insights into what motivates people to not just buy goods, but to become involved with the cultures that develop around brand names. Wanting to do more than just music, I worked for Sony and their creative divisions to introduce DTP into their workflow. Realizing that there was a lot missing for Japanese users in the solutions of the day, I started trying to create work-arounds solutions -these became products and Enfour Media Laboratory was born.

The rest is history: innovative DTP, font development tool and printing solutions; versatile language tools; a reputation for going out and making the 'impossible' happen; the heroes of Japanese DTP, etc, etc. Later as we started to run out of new continents to conquer in DTP, and the big companies started to take notice of what we were saying, I turned my energies to the Newton and the new world of mobile computing. We could not keep filling all the new holes the various "solution" providers make for everyone. There is still a long way to go before mobile and wearable computing is truly at the level that Enfour can be satisfied with.

In the meantime, we can but keep pushing the envelope. Enfour is once again the hero of a great number of supporters. Our work is appreciated by our customers and we enjoy what we are doing. Who could ask for more?

See the Newton Never Dies campain poster, for a look at our past.

Keep an eye out for great new things on the way. Take a look at some of the things we are looking to create soon.

Just for fun check out the game someone called Northcott made a long time ago. The Northcott Game

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