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Enfour Inc. (Enfour Investments, Inc. in California) is bringing to the US market a choice selection of Enfour's many and varied products for the Macintosh and PDAs. This web page is intended to serve as your primary source of information about Enfour's current and future activities.

Enfour, Inc. (USA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Enfour Group.(Tokyo). Enfour Group manages a number of operations including computer software development, hardware import and support and retail outlets.

Enfour is a world leader in asian text handling and imaging. Enfour's activities include DTP software and development tools for the Japanese market and multiple language solutions for handheld computers and mobile phones. Enfour first localized the Newton for the Japanese market with UniFEP in 1995. Built up the market in Apple's stead and grew the Japanese markets to be the most profitable for Newton PDAs. Enfour went on to complete Russian and Chinese localizations as well before Apple killed the product line.

Following on from their success in the Japanese handheld market, Enfour taken on introducing Psion Computers' line of handheld devices. Besides from distributing and supporting the hardware, Enfour will create new software titles, hardware accessories and online solutions for the Symbian Platform (EPOC). These will progressively become available to the US and other markets.

At this time, Enfour (USA) Inc. is not offering products to the US market. All enquires should be directed to the Tokyo Head Office.


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