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GoFetch can now be registered online

GoFetch can now be registered online via Kaji at <>. The price is still US$35.

Annoucing GoFetch Mail for Newton 1.2.7!!

This is a maintenance release to fix a bug with the eMate 300 when Newton Works is selected as the backdrop app and to support Kagi Registration using Flash Sheridan's Register App. You can also use the About box to send the appropriate URL to reach the Kagi website with NetHopper if it is installed.

Registered users of GoFetch should download the new version and follow the installation instruction in the "install.txt" file to update.

Access your important email any time, any where with GoFetch Mail for Newton 2.0. GoFetch Mail works with your Internet service provider or your company's Intranet. GoFetch sets up easily, and comes with pre-configured Internet service providers - you'll be sending mail in minutes!


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