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Enfour Inc.

Enfour Inc. (KK) specializes in Asian language input methods, Operating System localization and development tools and all things to do with handheld computing. Enfour's UniFEP is a widely known Unicode input method that has been developed for PDAs and mobile phones since 1994. Enfour is the dealer for Psion Computers in Japan and has been key to the development of the handheld computing market in Japan.

Enfour Media

Enfour Media Laboratory is a specialist in two-byte font & printer technologies, multilingual dictionaries and all other issues related to the unique needs of Asian scripts.
They provide tools to font houses & Operating System venders, and specialized imaging solutions for a wide variety of OEM needs from DVDs to mobile phones.

PX Store

A handheld computing specialist retail outlet in central Shinjuku.


Everything you ever dreamed of for your digital lifestyle. A store for the new Harajuku.


In 1995 Enfour set out to merge fashion and mobile information devices. A series of fashion shows incorporating mobile phones, PDA and other digital goods as accessories resulted and the brand Transmit was created.


Enfour Tokyo Headquarters

2-8-13 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 JAPAN
Tel: 03-5411-7738 Fax: 03-5411-7704


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