Logical Conclusion

Can you reach the Logical Conclusion?

A unique word puzzle game !

for iPhone and iPod touch. iPad compatible.

Use your logic skills so solve increasingly difficult problems!

Based on the famous Zebra Puzzle or Einstein's riddle genre, this new application will tie your brain in knots.

Deduce the answer from clues like:

  • Erica likes golf
  • The soccer player is to the left of the London dweller
  • Maomi is furthest left

Test your deductive reasoning powers ♪

Tap on a boxed keyword to select ♪
then drag onto the solutions matrix.

Use the clues to arrange all of the keywords within the matrix.

Can you complete the challenge and reach the Logical Conclusion?


★ How to play

Please tell me how to play the game.
Go to Controls from the How To link from the Home Page. This has full details on game play and the various controls.
Please tell me how to solve problems.
Go to Learn from the How To link from the Home Page. This has a tutorial on how to solve the puzzles.
Too hard! Give some hints.
Some of these puzzles are really tricky. There is no hints available, but you can check your progress at any time using the check button.
Why doesn't the Check Button work?
The Check Button will only be active if you have made changes on the matrix since your last check.
How can I achieve a medal?
Ah - the secret acheivements. The trick here involves the number of times you use the check button.
I have completed the same puzzle twice, where is the completion message?
Only on the first time you have completed each puzzle will you get the completion message. Subsequent playings on the same puzzle will not show a completed message.
I have completed a puzzle twice but my medal hasn't changed.
The medal you received on your first attempt at the puzzle will remain the same with subsequent attempts of the same puzzle.

★ Troubleshooting

Why can't I hear the sound effects?
Check your volume settings are set to an audible level and ensure that the mute button is flicked towards the screen. This button is on the top left of the screen above the volume keys.

★ Others

Have a question not covered in the above FAQ?
We welcome comments and feeback at anytime.
To send us an email, look for the support link at the top of this page. From within the app, look for the ⓘ button and go to "Email Support".
We aim to answer all support mails in a timely manner but please allow us a few days to ensure that we have all the necessary information first.
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