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New IrDA version about to ship!!

An IR interface unit for transferring data from PC to Newton MessagePad

What is an IR POD?

IR POD is an IR interface unit for PC that enables transferring data from your PC to Newton MessagePad, utilizing Beam capability built in the MessagePad. This allows you to input lengthy text to your Newton with ease. What's more, no cable connections are needed! The following are required for actual use; a generic terminal software for PC, and a Newton software to utilize Beam capability (Connect.pkg for example).


  • No cable connections required
  • Compact, light-weight design No batteries and AC Adaptors
    -- powered from PC port High compatibility with SHARP products


  • Realtime input/transfer of text data
    You can directly type-in from PC keyboard to text-input fields on Notes, Names and Dates on the Newton MessagePad, in real-time
    Kilobytes of bulk text data can be transfered to Newton, using copy & paste capable terminal software
  • Compatibility with SHARP's ZAURUS
    - You can utilize ZAURUS and its software
  • Future extensions
    - Various extensions can be considered, using IR-capable software


  • IR Method: IrDA 1.1 ; ASK (SHARP's identical method)
  • Size: 42.5 x 42.5 x 16.5 mm
  • Cable Length: Approx. 150cm (incl. main unit)
  • Weight: Approx. 20g (excl. cable)
  • Connector: DIN 8-pin (Macintosh serial port)

Package Contents

  • IR Interface Unit
  • Guarantee Card
  • Speciications Sheet
  • User's Manual

Hardware requirements

  • PC with generic terminal software and a serial port
  • Newton MessagePad (Original/100/110/120/130/2000) or compatibles
  • Connection port
  • Macintosh: Serial port (Modem or Printer port)
  • PC/AT Compatibles: COM1 or COM2 port (optional adaptor may be required)

Software Requirements

  • Software that supports Beam capability


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