The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary

Answers the urgent need for an easy-to-use kanji dictionary that is detailed enough to satisfy the practical needs of the beginning and intermediate learner.

Modern linguistic theory has been effectively integrated with sophisticated information technology to produce the most useful kanji learner's dictionary ever compiled. For the first time, learners have at their fingertips a wealth of information that is linguistically accurate, easy to use, and carefully adapted to their practical needs.

The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary: iPhone Edition is the only kanji-learner's dictionary that:

  • Provides a revolutionary lookup method (SKIP) for locating entries as quickly as in
    alphabetical dictionaries
  • Covers all high-frequency compounds based on the official statistics compiled by the
    National Language Research Institute
  • Gives core meanings, a powerful learning aid that provides an instant grasp of a
    character's fundamental concept
  • Gives precise character meanings that show how thousands of building blocks are
    combined to generate countless compounds
  • Lists meanings in a logical order that allows them to be perceived as an integrated
  • Has a labeling system that gives full guidance on style and usage

Application Unique Features

  • full content of the best-selling textbook
  • complete front matter and appendices
  • integrated, non-modal kana/romaji/English searching
  • real-time progressing look-up
  • direct SKIP searches
  • intuitive and dedicated touch SKIP lookup with elements
  • wildcard searches for unknown spellings/romaji forms
  • animated stroke order diagrams
  • index to body "jukugo" jumping
  • body hyperlinking for "jukugo"
  • bookmarks with editable notations and folders
  • flashcards with shake randomization
  • automatic history
  • OS setting independent app localization settings
  • complete offline use - no internet connection is required

The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary

  • 2,230 entry characters
  • 41,000 senses for 31,300 words and word elements show how each character contributes to the meanings of compounds
  • 1,200 homophones with core meanings explain differences between closely related characters
  • 386 variant forms used in prewar literature and in names
  • 1,945 aninmated stroke order diagrams show you how to write each kanji stroke by stroke
  • 7,200 character readings, including name readings

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The iPhone Edition is based on The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary, published by Kodansha International in 1999.
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