American Heritage® Dictionary - 5th Edition

New edition - 10 years in the making.

Includes all the new content, photos, illustrations and supplementary material.

The Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language is one of the most comprehensive and accessible resources available on any mobile device.

The hard-copy version of the Fifth Edition of The American Heritage® Dictionary, launched on Nov 1, 2011, contains a passcode for a complementary copy of this app. The app is free to download, but it will require either an activation code from the book publisher or an AppStore in-app purchase for you to start using it.

For instructions on receiving an activation code, refer to the blue insert included with AHD5 or

❖ This is "free-to-download" but not a free app. It requires a single use, single device redeem code from the printed edition OR an InApp purchase.

This latest edition has been much anticipated:
10 years
20 Lexicographers
200 Usage Experts
10,000 New Words and Senses

1 Defining Achievement

Keep the hardcopy at home and take the app out with you wherever you need it.

Main Features:

  • entire text of this landmark new edition
  • complete front matter and appendices
  • real-time progressive searching
  • three-way cross-referencing indexes
  • wildcard pattern searches (with * ?)
  • hyperlinking internally, to appendices and between books
  • spelling suggestions
  • internal hyperlinking
  • zoomable graphics
  • full pronunciation symbols chart
  • IPA pronunciation symbol conversion
  • detailed etymologies with links to root appendices
  • professionally recorded sound files
  • automatic search history
  • two-way external application interaction
  • bookmarks with editable notations
  • make-your-own flashcards
  • external monitor and TV output supported
  • complete offline use - no internet connect is required

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