Enfour Associates Pty. Ltd.

Enfour Associates is an Australian consulting company offering services in the Information and Service fields.

Enfour Associates Pty. Ltd. (ACN 011 060 521) was founded under the Companies (Queensland) Code on 4 June 1990 in Brisbane, Australia .

The Directors are; Ronald Lewis James (Jim) Northcott. AM. (Chairman & Managing Director); Barbara Joy Northcott>. BA. (Company Secretary); Richard James Northcott (President. Enfour Group -Japan); and Tracey Ann Northcott B.Sc.

In Australia, Enfour Associates operate as general consultants. The Company has particular expertise in Small Business management & administration; Education; Labour Market programmes in Tourism & Hospitality; Fund - raising; Event planning, organization and presentation; Sales & Marketing; and Sports administration.

In recent times our client list includes; Federal Government, Qld. Events Corporation, Catholic Church, The Fred Hollows Foundation, Gold Coast Hockey, Brisbane Womens Hockey Association, Rotary International, Anglican Church, Royal Australian Regiment Association, and etc.etc.

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