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6 calculators packed into one small, fast application.
  • Standard mode
    A basic calculator with 2 memory registers
  • Scientific mode
    A 24 function scientific calculator
  • Exchange rate mode
    A currency exchange calculator
  • Programmer mode
    A programmer's calculator for base convertion and boolean operations
  • Unit Conversion mode
    A unit conversion calculator that knows about more than just the metric and US systems
  • Big mode
    A calculator with buttons large enough that you can actually use it with just your finger tip (not your finger nail).
Online manual included.

UniCalcPro is $20 and can be purchased online at Kagi.

Download 30 day demo of UniCalc Pro 3.01

For Macintosh: UniCalcPro Demo.sit.hqx
For PC:

New! For users of UniCalc and QuickFigure here is a plug-in that adds a UniCalcPro menu item to the QuickFigure tools menu. It will open up UniCalc from inside QuickFigure for you.

Get it here. StuffIt Compressed or uncompressed (Win)

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