"UniDict" Japanese< >English dictionary application released

For Immediate Release

Tokyo. August 28, 1998: Enfour Media Laboratory, Pty. Ltd. announces the launch of "UniDict for Macintosh 1.0". UniDict is a multilingual dictionary search engine that will empower professional linguists and language students alike in a way they have never known before.

Version 1.0 was designed to be the most powerful and flexible Japanese<>English dictionary on the market. It also supports Unicode and is expandable to support other languages as well. Taking "Ease of Use", multimedia and functionality to new heights, UniDict is the only Japanese dictionary you will ever need.

UniDict supports MacOS 8.1 features such as system-wide look up via Contextual Menu, in-line Japanese input, Drag-n-Drop, styled text, embedded PICTs and QuickTime, text-to-speech reading aloud; all the features you would expect in a dictionary for the 21st Century.

UniDict takes advantage of the strengths of digital dictionaries to expand your linguistic horizons. It supports multiple source dictionaries, user glossaries, and dictionary customization with its own built-in editor and free Internet dictionary updating allowing you keep your dictionaries up-to-date and in context with new words and new usages. By supporting multiple scripts and multiple sources, UniDict becomes the best multilingual dictionary available for the Macintosh.

UniDict comes with a collection of over 20 dictionary files. The list contains specialist subjects including marketing, construction, biology, computer terms, legal terms, place and people names. These all come with kanji idioms, Japanese readings and English equivalents. UniDict also has a built-in Kanji definition dictionary with the readings and meanings for all kanji supported on the Macintosh; plus an array of computer codes and textbook look-up index numbers.

Especially for new Japanese students and non-native users, UniDict includes a unique "radical" (bushu, hen & tsukuri) building feature that allows you to construct difficult kanji by selecting the parts you can recognize. This allows you to quickly find the readings for characters and idioms even with only limited experience of the Japanese language.

For native and proficient users, UniDict comes with a localized Japanese version and documentaion as well.

UniDict has the ability to become a server for centralized dictionary storage with LAN-wide searching. This makes it the perfect Education tool for academic environments, and professional use on office networks. UniDict can be future expanded via plug-ins to support new dictionary formats or CD-ROMs.

UniDict is available from stores carrying Mac software throughout Japan for 12,800 Yen (RRP).
Purchases can also be made over the Internet through Enfour Associates Pty. Ltd. (Australia) for US$95 or AUD$120 per copy. -including Postage.

For purchasing details plus Education discounts and site licences, consult the Enfour UniDict Webpage at
Also for the Newton version:
http://www.enfour.co.jp/newton/news/unidict.html (in Japanese)

For more information contact:
Richard Northcott
TEL: 03-5411-7736 (Tokyo)