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應用戶之要求, 敝公司提供UniFEP TC用注音輸入法更新檔.
(注意此檔案不適用於 賽意昂 618C)

步驟一   下載"zuyin.zip"壓縮檔案.
步驟二   解開這壓縮檔案, 取出 "zuyin.pak" 檔案.
步驟三   將桌上電腦與掌上電腦連線.
步驟四   將"zuyin.pak"檔案拷貝到掌上電腦內的"\System\UniFEP"資料匣內.
               注意: "\System\UniFEP"資料匣存在於安裝了UniFEP TC 的磁碟機內.

敝公司以用戶的寶貴意見及提議作為敝公司的產品改善及未來規劃之藍本.   如閣下有任何意見及提議, 請如敝公司聯絡.

Zuyin Input Method update, installation guide

Based on feedback from our users, we are providing this update to the ZuYin (Bopomofo) input method from UniFEP TC.
(Not to be used with Psion 618C)

Step 1    Download "zuyin.zip" compressed file.
Step 2    Decompress the file, and pick the file "zuyin.pack" out.
Step 3    Connect desktop computer with EPOC device.
Step 4    Copy and Override the file "zuyin.pak" into "\System\UniFEP" directory of EPOC device.
              Note: "\System\UniFEP" directory will exist on the drive that have UniFEP installed.

We value comments and suggestions from our customers. We use feedback when updating exisiting product and when planning for major upgrades and/or new proudcts. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us.

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